How to train your cat - Cat Tricks

People train their dogs to do tricks. Why not train your cat to do tricks as well and show up the dogs. It is possible to learn how to train your cat to do tricks. What kind of tricks can your cat learn? Well, there are many tricks you can teach your cat. Just like a dog, they can learn how to sit, shake, roll over, stand up, but you can also teach your cat to use the toilet. Remember Meet The Parents?One trick you can learn how to train your cat to do is to fetch a ball. It might be difficult at first, but you will train the cat just like a dog. Throw the ball for the cat and once it brings it back you need to praise the cat with love and treats. This will be easier with a kitten, but possible with all cats if you are patient.

Cats can also be trained to beg like dogs as well. This will work best before the cat has had its meal. Place the cat in a quiet room where it is comfortable and does not have too many distractions. Once the cat is sitting, give the command "up" and hold the treat above the cat, but high enough so that it cannot reach it. Once the cat stands up immediately praise it and reward it with the treat. With enough practice your cat will eventually learn to stand and beg just by using the command. If your cat stands all the way up on its legs and you want it to remain sitting, slowly move the treat back over its head and to prevent it from tipping over it should sit on its haunches.

With enough patience and regular practice it is easy to learn how to train your cat to do tricks.

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